Remove Bad Review

For business owners, a negative review isn’t something that just rolls off. Reviews are one of the first points of contact a new customer has with your business. If those reviews seem to sway negative, that potential customer is lost. How much money are you leaving on the table?

Unfortunately, most review websites don’t exercise a great deal of scrutiny over these reviews, and some are faked! These faked reviews cause serious problems for honest, hardworking business owners. And the sites that host these reviews don’t always respond for takedown requests. That’s where the Review Removal Pros come into play.

Our first step is to identify the review and figure out if it’s real or not. We have a variety of methods of verifying a review in-house. Once we’ve identified potentially fake reviews, we work on a petition to remove them.

Next, we identify negative reviews that don’t qualify for removal. For these reviews, our team lookc closely at the problem so we can provide a consultation that will get you back on track. Some negative reviews are just people venting, but others can hide valuable criticisms within.

Finally, we help build positive reviews for your company through targeted campaigns that work within the Terms of Service boundaries for websites like Yelp and Google. Using word of mouth recommendations from your real customers, we help build your positive profile for as long as you stay with us.

We are professional reputation removers who understand that your business relies on looking its best.

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